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  • 1 year membership
  • Coffee Chats with Speakers
  • Opportunity to offer advertised workshops that highlight your expertise and promote your business
  • Access to the upcoming Members Only area of the WIN web site
  • Inclusion in the WIN members directory
  • Special events for members only
  • Opportunity for participation in WIN Committees, WIN Leadership, Masterminds, Mentoring and Small Groups
  • Access to other entrepreneurial minded women for networking


Sharing information with a group of busy, self-motivated, and women can be a challenge. Our goal is to provide information about all that is offered through WIN in a variety of ways. Here are some of the communications you will receive from WIN:

Our monthly newsletter sent directly to your email address full of briefs about programs, events and news. Speaker Updates - Each of our speakers is asked to create relevant practical tools, resources and worksheets that correlate with their topic for the month.

​Updates to current events and opportunities throughout Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn

Member information is sent on an occasional basis in order for you to connect with one another, build relationships and refer business.

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Join our monthly luncheon

And hear from highly regarded women leaders guaranteed to energize you as you reach toward your goals

Gain encouragement and strength

building a business can be a mixed bag of emotion. It’s exciting and difficult all at the same time. At WIN you’ll find like-minded women that understand exactly where you are and the unique challenges you face as you build your life and business to the next level.

Offer workshops that highlight your expertise

serve others with your strengths by sharing your knowledge

Participate in networking and social events

that build commraderie and your business connections at the same time

Make contacts

through our online membership directory

Learn new ideas and strategies

through a wide range of workshops and seminars that highlight local, national and international business women

Hone your leadership skills

by becoming part of the WIN Leadership Circle

Get to the heart of what is holding you back

from greatness by participating in close-knit masterminds that challenge and move you through accountability

Make a difference in your community

by collaborating and building partnerships with women who know where they want to go and are motivated to get there

Match up with a mentor who has been where you are

or give back by providing mentorship to sister new to business

Unite with others to create change

and inspire one another to greatness in life and business
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