Women’s Impact Network is a personal and business development organization located in the heart of beautiful North Idaho. Our mission is to help women like you to reach their highest potential.

Everything we do is centered around helping you to achieve your goals and make a difference in your life, community and world.  Every month we provide events, trainings and speakers that are designed to:

Inspire     –>     Connect    –>     Develop     –>     Empower Growth

  • INSPIRE yourself and your guests monthly luncheons with keynote speakers that encourage and move you
  • CONNECT with other like-minded women through organized masterminds, business oriented book clubs and networking events
  • DEVELOP your business skills by attending and offering trainings, workshops and seminars that highlight your expertise and give you practical tools to reach the next level
  • EMPOWER GROWTH in yourself, others and your community and make the difference you were born to make

No matter what type of business you own, you’ll fit right in.  Member businesses range in size from sole proprietorship all the way to internationally based with multiple employees. Our  diverse group of powerhouse women come from many different industries  – from finance and marketing, to authors and service providers – all there to support one another right where they are at.

Membership is open to start-ups, solopreneurs, small business owners, partnerships and corporate employees with day-to-day management responsibility.


Women’s Impact Network exists to serve and empower women to make a difference and grow personally through the vehicle of business.  Our desire is the every woman understands their purpose, their strengths and takes hold of the call of entrepreneurship with all the inspiration, support, encouragement, and tools they need to reach their greatest potential.

We believe that:

  • Collaboration and diversity creates the best environment for business success
  • Fun, commradarie and connection creates a space for business to grow organically
  • There is enough market space for everyone to thrive
  • Competition is a good thing as it ensures you’re on the right path and pushes you to grow
  • Every individual has the capacity for and is responsible to pursue greatness in life and business


Women’s Impact Network grew out of the culimination of several local networking groups in the North Idaho area.  In 2014 the leadership of the organization felt that while networking with local women was important there was something more that WIN was meant to do. As we revisted the heart of who we were and what we wanted to accomplish as an organization we found a common theme that became our new mission: Inspiring Women to Greatness.  Once we understood the heart of what we were meant to do, we met with our members, sent out survey’s and worked with an organizational management consultant to solidify our vision of empowering women to make a difference in the world through inspiration, connection, development and empowerment.

Today Women’s Impact Network or WIN operates in three areas designed to achieve that vision.  We do this by inspiring at our monthly luncheon and networking events; by connecting through masterminds, book clubs, and mentoring; by developing strong women and businesses through training, workshops and seminars thereby empowering women to make a difference in their lives, organization, community and world.